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you @ mikro.FM @ Moving Forest @ transmediale.08

knowing that rhizomatic livefors interpenetrate the soil every forest grows on, we propose to you to form this ground to support the moving forest of shu lea cheang by building a rhizome/cloud/swarm of walking radiostations.What you need to take part is:

- a battery-operated FM radioreceiver
- a micro fm transmitter you perhaps already use to broadcast in your neighbourhood
- earphones
- an adaptor you normaly would use to plug two pairs of earphones into your FM radioreceiver

During the Moving Forest you will receive a transmission either by or a free radio station from kenya. Using your earphones and your micro fm transmitter plugged into the adaptor connected to your FM receiver you can listen to the signal you are receiving while you are redistributing it to other participants who are to distant to receive the original transmission you can hear.

Feel free to explore the range of the transmission you receive from the other participants, find out how many times you can find the signal on the dial of your receiver and enjoy feed backs you produce if you are transmitting the signal of someone who is transmitting yours. Remember the other participants relying on your outgoing transmission to relay it.

With you the participants simultaniously receiving and transmitting the signals we«ll drift as a swarm under overlapping airwave-clouds from the gates of the JVA Moabit Prison to the Haus der Kulturen der Welt.

Lets meet at the JVA Moabit on Friday, first of february at 1800. Make sure your batteries are filled. Let 1000 radiostations bloom.

Kurz auf Deutsch:

mikro.FM wird ein teil des Moving Forest auf der transmediale.08 sein.

Wir rufen auf zum Mitkonspirieren! Hilf uns, das Haus der Kulturen der Welt zu stürmen, mit kleinen Radiosendern.

Du brauchst:

- einen batteriebetriebenen Radioempfänger

- einen FM-Transmitter (z.B. den, mit dem du mikro.FM deinen Nachbarn sendest.)

- Kopfhöhrer

- einen 3,5mm-Buchsenverdoppler (mit dem man aus einer Kopfhöhrerbuchse zwei macht)

Treffpunkt ist am Freitag, 01.02.08, um 18:00 Uhr vor der JVA Moabit.